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ASCO™ AH4E Hydramotor Actuator

The ASCO Serires AH4E Low-High-Off Hydramotor is a push-type, self-contained, electrohydraulic linear actuator featuring dual internal control valves for repeatable positioning. The low-fire position is field adjustable to any position between 15% and 100% of stroke. When power is applied, the actuator shaft travels to the low-fire position. After an external switch completes the low-fire controller circuit, the shaft continues to the high-fire setting. Opening the external switch returns the shaft to the low-fire setting, and power interruption fully closes the valve in 1 second or less from any position. The AH4E Low-High-Off Hydramotor/V710(B) gas valve combination provides main line control for boiler, furnace, and oven applications plus industrial and commercial burners.

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